I did not promise you anything!

"Я ни чего не обещал!" - вот всё, что ты тогда сказал

Быть может обижался ты,                

Когда тебя я выставляла вон?

Я не могла терпеть вранья,

Твоих увёрток, лишних слов,

Всех обещаний подождать...


Не мог ты прямо мне сказать,
Что от детей совместных, наших,
Всем нам был просто малый толк,
Из-за твоего больного брата.
Но речь же шла не про него.


19 марта 2006г., г. Алматы


Kiss on "BIS"*

At first you kissed on “BIS”?

Then said: I did not promise,

That was your caprise...

And kissed again?

I went you many times away.

But why you wished to be

Downshaft and downshift again

And be exhibit for the sale that way?


You kissed on “BIS”

And then my bank account fixed?

And now I am so upset

I have so many times to beg

To sent official invitation

To make some arrangemations…

You did not send me invitation.

How should I be?

Not having any job and means to live

And money for my life, olives,

What should I do and how further live?


You kissed on “BIS”,

And sent to Mental Hospital for this?

That was not yesterday but now, IS!

I found forces to go through away.

But could not end this joint project up today.


You kissed on “BIS”,

That time wasn’t only your caprice.

But may be now?

Do you know?

Try to kiss,


And on “bis”.



Tasiya Meierhold,

March, 19, 2006


If I dye tomorrow:


To transfer my bank account (37,000 Euro - stipendia for 4,5 years) from Deutsche Bank 24 Tuebingen to BIS - the Bank for International Settlements

for my daughter - Taisiya Aleksandrovna Mavrina.


There is no any adequate German understanding up to now 

because of the German medicine (German medical education)! 

Your blood still FITs to Me


I feel a freedom from my dream.

That was a real dream!

I feel a freedom from my love

That I'd to have to kill.

I feel a freedom from your will

That was a simply will.

I feel a freedom from your blood -

It is not FIT* for** me.

*FIT - Foreign Independant Tour.



Сперва должна я заглянуть в глаза

Сперва должна я заглянуть в глаза.


Вдруг там найду ещё себя.


Ну хорошо. Не загляну, а просто мимо я пройду.


Сказать, что больше не люблю. ТАК больше не люблю.

Скажи, зачем?!


19 марта 2006г., г. Алматы

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