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Delgiusto Dean, born 1984 in Koper, began to play the accordion at the age of twelve with the Denis Novato in the city Dolina near Trieste (Italy). In 2001 he began studying classical accordion at the music school in Piran (Slovenia) with Franc Plahuta, he continued with the professor Claudio Furlan at the Glasbena matica in Trieste  and since 2004 at the Music and Ballet School with professor Ernö Sebastian, graduating in 2008 with honors. Since 2009 he is studying accordion at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen with Professors James Crabb, Andreas Borregaard and Geir Draugsvoll.


In his musical career he received many awards at regional, national and international competitions, both as a soloist and in various chamber groups and orchestras. Should

be mentioned the first place in solo and duo category up to 18 years for two consecutive years at the World Championships of the diatonic accordion (in 1999 and 2000) in

Ancona (Italy) and Roč (Croatia) and double gold medal and plaque of Stanka August 2001 in Ljubečna (Slovenia), first award at the International Competition in Pula (Croatia) in 2005 with the accordion quintet of the Music School Koper, second place in the international competition for accordion orchestras in Prague in 2006 with Accordion Orchestra of the Association of Music Schools of Primorska, second place in his category and special prize for the best performance of the composers piece at the Competition Primoz Ramovš for chamber groups in 2007 (in trio with violin and guitar under supervision of Professor Tomaž Lorenz) and the silver award in the highest category in the national competition of chamber groups TEMSIG.


He is also very active in collaborating with composers and many new works are specially written for him:


Струятся слёзы.

От неустроенности бранной,

Потери Родины буланой

И отторжения всех тех,

Кто в ней остался нелюбимый

За гены, ум и рост гонимый -

Всех неустанный царский бег,

Филгармонический, аккордный,

В стремленье к внутренней свободе

И с плачем выстраданных рек.

Струятся слёзы.И у всех.


Streaming with tears.И у всех.And at all.

Brane of the disorder,

Loss of Homeland dun

And the rejection of all those

Who's in it remained unloved

For genes, mind, and driven by the growth of -

All the king's tireless running,

Filgarmonichesky, chord,

In the quest for inner freedom

And weeping hard-won river.

Streaming with tears.

And at all.




Динозавры - Dinosaurs

В тиши полночной не услышишь

Как клонится к земле трава,

Дыхание уснувшей дичи

Иль дуновенье ветерка.

Лишь в отдалении беззвучном

Идёт вибрирующий звук

И резонансом уха чуткий

Тревожит задремавший слух:

На водопой идут гиганты.

И ни один, ни два, ни три,

А стадо монстров на пуантах [1],

Из травоядных:

жизнь - замри!

Протяжный трубный голос стада

И вожака, кто всех собрал,

Не вымерших под палисадом,

Несётся, как девятый вал.

Ему внимает даже голод,

Кто стар уже иль мал, но бодр, -

Оркестр поёт, он духом молод

И насыщенье настаётAnd saturation comes

Питьём, едой, привольной жизнью -

В оркестре - дирижёр-вожак.

Реакция чья, импульс - искра,

И с вожаком не страшен враг.

Но постепенно шум уносит

Неторопливый ветерок

И направляет рупор в небо,

Чтобы вернуться.

Вместе.В срок [2] .

In the quiet of midnight you will not hear

As the ground slopes to the grass,

Breathing asleep Game

Or breeze.

Only in the distance, silent

There is a vibrating sound

And a sensitive ear resonance

Disturbing dozing hearing:

Go to drink giants.

And neither one nor two, nor three,

A herd of monsters on the tips of the toes [1]

Of the herbivores:

life - stand still!

The trumpet voice of the herd

And the leader, who all gathered,

Do not extinct under the palisade,

Carried as the ninth wave.

He listens, even hunger,

Who is old already il is small, but cheerful, -

The orchestra sings, he is young in spirit

Drinking, eating, free life -

The orchestra - the conductor-leader.

Whose reaction, the momentum - the spark

And the leader is not afraid of the enemy.

But gradually, the noise takes

A leisurely breeze

And send shout to the sky,

In order to return.


In the period [2].




Трудоголик - Workaholic

Бездонно поле и бескрайне!

Не одолеть всё одному,

И не пройти от края к краю,

Когда зной лупит по челу,

А в фляге лишь остатки влаги,

Есть зёрна риса для земли

И лишь три строчки на бумаге,

Хотели что людей спасти.

И только буйвол белый ходит -

Лошадкам чёрным - не чета [1],

По исковерканной дороге,

Была где раньше борозда.


[1] like white elephant, in comparison with black horse(s)

Thank you for support!

Bottomless box and endless!

Do not beat all the same,

And do not go from edge to edge,

When the heat pounding on the brow,

And in a jar only remnants of moisture

There is a grain of rice for the earth

And only three lines on the paper,

That people wanted to save.

And only the white buffalo [1] walks -

Black horse - not a couple,

By the way warped,

It was where the early groove.




Всё ж поражает путь баяна - All the same affects the way the accordion

Всё ж поражает звук баяна.

Он может многое сказать...

И с виртуозностью бесправной

Жизнь переделать - с "ля" начать.

И, отторгая гармоничность -

Всё то, что классикой зовём,

Вновь обращается публично

К природным звукам, что ручьём

Восходят к водопадным строфам

И вторят трелям певчих птиц,

Мир бороздят ело вой нотой,

Не падая с талантом книц [1].


[1] from the Bible.

All the same amazing sound of the accordion.

He has a lot to say ...

And with the virtuosity of the disenfranchised

Life remake - with "A" to begin.

And, rejecting harmony -

All that we call the classics,

Reiterates its public

The natural sounds that stream

Back to the waterfall stanzas

And echoing trills of songbirds,

World plow ate howling note,

Not falling from the talent bracket.





 June, 1, 2012

[2] By time On time

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