CC: Britney Spears You can sing

"I want to cry"
The Wild Nature's song

November 1, 1856 - Anglo-Persian War: War Is declared between Great Britain and Persia

She wants to prevent

- She wants to prevent American elections in Russia and next Persian war, doesnt she?!

- Never mind. Situation under control.


- Under Her control?

CC: Britney Spears  You can sing
I want to cry
1. It is the longest darkest hall

Where I am going alone,

And only cracks around me

And Cry With Dolby, crooked rhythm.


Refrain: I cry and cry. I want to cry.

             I hear only "Never mind".


2. I cannot come to edge and turn

I want to cry. But Im not a doll (girl):

A whole world I had before,


It crashes my head and teddy toys.




Tasiya Meierhold, Ph.D. - "KEINE KRIEG!"

January, 18, 2008, Almaty


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