My lonely soul finds a place


1. My lonely soul looks for place

Where nobody brings her mess.

It runs to streams that full of tears

And by the sounds’f thorax gear.


2. They can reflect what soul feels

And how my brain can following will,

Seen smiles of death concern too nearly

To stay aliked to all that’s dearly.


3. I don’t want think and analize

I just want moving back the lie.   

How I can do it? I don’t know.

I try to follow my lonely soul.


4. It dives in sounds of murmur’s water

That treats all, fill the life on quarter.

Life’s sense turns up again to sky

And I forget about lie.


5. I think about colour’s changes,

About light and sound ranges.

And cherry orchards live in mind

I want again to live, not die.


September, 26, 2006

Tasiya Meierhold

Hosted by uCoz