My song

Cry of Soul

I can’t be patient I said You


“I can’t be patient,” - I said You,

Because I am Russian and love You.

You can’t prevent to love and dream.

I want to fly. I want to* leave.


You couldn’t my soul understand,

Despite you’re smart - You’ve been Dozent.

And You destroyed my heart. My brain.

I can not see You, I can’t stay.


You said: “You are crazy.” That is true.

Because so long I still love You.

My love is fragile, life’s too hot

I can’t be just “forget-me-not”.


You didn’t want to have a child.

That’s why I said: “You are not mine”.

I had to leave you but I could’t

I thought of way to cut all, moved.


I found forces – I survived!

I live. I am active. That is why

I can’t forget You and forgive -

How were** razed all grounds of my dreams.





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   Freulein - 2


29, September, 2006

Tasiya Meierhold

Hosted by uCoz