Elena Constantinovna KOCHUBEY

(photography in the book "Costume ball in the Winter Palace. 1903")


(5 July 1869, St-Petersburg - 23 Januar. 1944, Paris)

СС: Санкт-Петербург

        Born 5 July 1869 in St-Petersbourg. Elder daughter of Adjutant-General Lieutenant General Prince Constantine Esperovich Beloselskiy-Belozerskiy (1843-1920), and Nadezhda Dmitriyevna [63], nee Skobeleva (1847-1920).

        Sister of Princess Olga Constantinovna Orlova [115] and Princess Maria Constantinovna Belosel'skaya-Belozerskaya* [19].

        Before marriage from 1888 Maid of Honor. During World War I she headed one of the Ladies' Committees caring for the wounded soldiers.

        In emigration lived in Germany, and then, after her husband's death, moved to France.

        Died 23 January 1944 in Paris.

        Married (22 April 1892, St.-Petersbourg) to Prince Victor Sergeyevich Kochubey [66].

        Children: Victor (1893-1953); Nadezhda (1894-1967); Sophia (1896-1920).


*"Три сестры" ("В Москву! В Москву!" [где новые русские жулики-коммерсанты с "безлимитным логин-Интернетом"])


Princess Olga Esperovna Shuvalova, nee Beloselskaya-Belozerskaya


Гляжу на корни дуба я

Wappen der della Rovere


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