Elena Constantinovna Soldatenkova

(photography in the book "Costume ball in the Winter Palace. 1903")

(5 July 1869, St-Petersburg - 10 Januar. 1948, Santa-Angelo/Sorrento)

СС: Санкт-Петербург

        Born 3/15 Oct. 1873 in the estate Taman', Poltavskaya gubernia.

        Second daughter of His Serene Highness Prince Constantine Alexandrovich Gorchakov [87] (1841-1926), Equerry, Full State Councilor, and Maria Mikhaylovna, nee Princess Sturdza (1849-1905).

        Died 10 January 1948 in Santa-Angelo near Sorrento (Campania, Italy). Burried in the cemetry Testaccio in Rome.

        Married (20 January 1901, Florence) to Midshipman Vasiliy Vasil'yevich Soldatenkov [157].

        Divorced in 1913.

        Children: Elena (1902-1988).

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