Elisaveta Mikhaylovna Nierod

(photography in the book "Costume ball in the Winter Palace. 1903")

Elisabeth Christina


(20 July 1862, Moscow - 9 March 1954, Paris)

СС: Санкт-Петербург

        Born 20 July 1862 in Moscow. The third daughter of Lieutenant General Count Moritz (=Moritz Gustavovich, =Maurice Evstafiyevich, = Mikhail Evstafiyevich) Nierod (1815-1871), and Maria Christophorovna, nee Lazareva (1822-1912).

        The aunt of Princess Vera Maximilianovna Kudasheva [138].

        Maid of Honor of Empresses Maria Feodorovna and Alexandra Feodorovna Romanovas.

        After leaving Russia lived in France.

        Died 9 March 1954. Buried at the Saint-Genevieve-des-Bois cemetery (dept. Essonne, France).

        Married: no information.

        Children: no information.

Alexandra Josephine 'Smirnova-Rosset's sister - Princess-artist MARIE CHRISTINE Caroline Adélaïde Françoise Léopoldine of Orléans, known as Marie of Orléans (12 April 1813, 
Palermo – 6 January 1839, Pisa) was the third child (and second daughter) of Louis-Philippe, King of the French, and his wife Maria Amalia, daughter of King Ferdinand I of Naples, was a French 
princess and duchess of Württemberg (1837), by her marriage, prince Alexander of Württemberg (1804–1881), son of Duke Alexander of Württemberg (1771–1833) and his wife 
Antoinette of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (1779–1824).  
CC: Alexandra as Maid of Honor at Empresses Maria Feodorovna (Alexander's sister), spouse of Paul I.
Alexandra Josephine 'Smirnova-Rosset's brother, the Duc de Nemours...

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