Olga Constantinovna ORLOVA


(12 Nov. 1874 - 26 Oct. 1923)

        Born 12 November 1874 in Saint-Petersbourg. Middle daughter of Adjutant-General, Lieutenant General Prince Constantine Esperovich Beloselsky-Belozerskiy (1843-1920), and Nadezhda Dmitriyevna [63] (1847-1920), nee Skobeleva. Sister of Princess Elena Constantinovna Kochubey [67] and Princess Maria Constantinovna Belosel'skaya-Belozerskaya [19]*. Before marriage was a Maid of Honor.

        "In her time the most elegant lady of Petersbourg... fabulous stories were circulated about her expenditures on her toilet and her millinery... essentially inattractive, but fragile and refined..." (Count D.I. Tolstoy).

"Undoubtedly the most outstanding figure in Petersbourg high society." (Michelle Buchanan).

"The first fashion-plate of Petersbourg." (Prince S.A. Shcherbatov).

        Died 26 October 1923 in Paris.

        Married (29 April 1894, Petersbourg) to Prince Vladimir Nikolayevich Orlov [114]. Divorced before 1920.

        Children: Nikolay (1893-1961), in his first marriage was wedded toPrincess of Imperial Blood Nadezhda Petrovna (1898-1988).  

*"Три сестры" ("В Москву! В Москву!" ["c безлимитным логин-Интернетом"])

Princess Olga Esperovna Shuvalova, nee Beloselskaya-Belozerskaya


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