To be proud more than there is:

Foundation! Scientific Foundation. Fellowships, grants, awards, research programs, etc.



Russian Literature: Modern Russian-writing Poetry in Kazakhstan

Modern Russian Fable: modern Esope's language - how to read between lines (illustrations to fables)

German Lyrik Poetry XII -XIX c. Translations from German to Russian, English? Analysis, Interpretation


English Literature: Great Britain lyrik Poetry of XIX c.

Great Britain satirical (humoristic) literature


Phylosophy: Ancient (Antiq) Greek & Rome phylosophy (to specify)

German Humanistic phylosophy of XIX c. (Goethe, Kant, Hegel (& Lenin*), etc.)


Archaelogy, linguistics: Ligurian dictionary, alphabet, writing, etc.



Art history: Monarchic Ladys Portrait: attribution to the ruling houses and noble families of XVIII - XIX c.


Music: French? Italian? English? German? Russian? Classical music?


*Phylosophical Notes (notebooks).

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