Scientific Spectrum (=ATOMIC) Moon and Sun Calendar Kordikova 2003

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Astronomical Section

This section will display the following items:

Universal Time Coordinated (UTC):

Universal Time Coordinated or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the time on the
Greenwich meridian, used as the zero for longitudinal measurement, according to
the Mean Sun. The Mean Sun is an imaginary body that moves around the
celestial equator with constant angular speed, making a complete circuit with
respect to the vernal equinox in one tropical year. GMT was established as the
world standard in 1884. In 1928 it was also given the name Universal Time
Coordinated; the International Time Bureau in Paris now coordinates astronomical
measurements and atomic clock readings from around the world to arrive at
Universal Time Coordinated.

Local Apparent Sidereal Time:

Sidereal, or stellar, time is a system of time reckoning based on the rotation of
the Earth with respect to the celestial sphere, the imaginary sphere of the
heavens surrounding us. As the Earth rotates, one sidereal day is the time that it
takes for a star again to pass directly above a given observation point. Sidereal
time is used in astronomical work. The sidereal day is about four minutes shorter
than the solar day. More precisely, 1 mean solar day = 1.0027379093 sidereal

Date Information:

Day of Year:

The current day of the year.

Days Remaining:

The number of days remaining in the current year.

Greenwich Julian Day:

Astronomers use the Julian day to compute the number of days between two
dates by simply subtracting one Julian date from another. The Julian day
shown is the Julian day at the Greenwich meridian.

The Julian day of a given day is equal to the number of days since noon,
January 1, 4713 BCE, the start of the Julian period. This is the most recent
time that three calendar cycles began on the same day:

The 28-year solar cycle, after which dates in the Julian calendar return to
the same day of the week.

The 19-year lunar cycle, after which the phases of the moon return to the
same dates in the year.

The 15-year indiction cycle, used in ancient Rome to regulate taxes.

The Julian period will take 7,980 years to repeat (28 X 19 X 15).

Joseph Scaliger conceived of the Julian period in 1582 - naming it after his
father, Julius.

Sunrise/Sunset Times:

If you properly defined your physical location, Atomic Clock can determine the
time of the sunrise and sunset for the current and following date.

To make the process of obtaining the necessary information easier, you can
select your location (or the nearest one) from a list of pre-defined cities from the
Configuration section.


The < and > keys are used to easily scroll forward or backward one day at a
time to see the sunrise/sunset times for different dates in the near future/past.

Choosing the Specify... button allows you to enter a date of your choice, in
order to see the sunrise/sunset times for that date.

The Today button will return to the current date for the sunrise/sunset display.

Current Lunar Phase:

Atomic Clock will display an approximate representation of the current lunar phase


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Synchronizing the Date/Time

Once Atomic Clock has been properly configured, synchronizing your computer's date
and time is very simple.

Simply click on the Synchronize Clock button in order to start the dialing process.

If the program has been configured correctly, the modem will dial the service you
specified in the configuration section. Once connected, your internal clock will then be
synchronized to atomic precision.

After the synchronization process is complete, Atomic Clock will automatically terminate
the call.

If at any time during the synchronization process you wish to abort, simply click on the
ABORT button.

If the selected service was busy, Atomic Clock will automatically disconnect the call.

After the second synchronization is made, Atomic Clock will have the necessary
information to calculate the number of seconds (on average) your computer has
either lost or gained per day since the last synchronization.


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