He has problems with His ? datings

sung couplets (in comic folk singing)

Давай поженимся мы! Сразу! -

Let's marry! Immediately! Marry Me!

Can I, could I give the birth in sixty?


1. He has problems with the datings.

How I can save His life?

Just to wait for His full fifty

To become both bride and wife.


2. I send messages - He answers,

He is bridegroom but not mine.

I reply: "I'll be vampire -

Banish home all Your brides".


3. He's retired, I'm retired

But He does not hurry up.

I cry Him: "Soon I'll be dyied!"

Now He puts his both hands up.


Dialogues between belovers in 2005-2008:

- I call.

- Let's marry first.


August, 18, 2008, Almaty

Tasiya Meyerhold


Мой любимый стройных любит (Частушки) - My belover likes slim women but they have to swim. In bath? (sung couplets in comic folk singing)


Marriage Number in Tskhinvali

 Я буду чувствовать комфортно

He puts his both hands up



"On 25 October 2002, Albert visited Miami, Florida for a" -

He always comes late.

He has problems with the datings - in Russia

В корнях его - кровь падишаха - In roots of him's the padishah blood

Любовь по правилам? Семья! - Love? According rules? Spouse, children!


He has problems with the datings

 Я буду чувствовать комфортно

Marriage Number N in Tskhinvali?

 Я буду чувствовать комфортно


Perhaps, I am angry! -  Erblichkeit! GENES!


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