I would be happy to share with you

I would be happy to share with you

That a little I have just for you.

All my palaces, temples and mosques

Treasures of family the family portraits.


Some of them are in castle in Alupka:

The fountain it was described by San Pushkin,

Gauchi drew there all pavilions,

Tonc(h)i portrait: In exile. Dashkovs


Foyatier sculptured not only the models:

Smiles of lips, calls for kisses of godkids.

In coats of arms one can see cross and crown.

Funny lions therere made of light stones.


And Field Marschal his Seréne Highness Prince

Was installed in sixty seven* in Tiflis.

How can I prove all organical bonds

Learnt from pictures all features'f my Romes?




December, 6, 2006, Almaty

Tasiya Meierhold


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