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Thirteen thistles

Advantures of


θ or Ә?


Thirteen Thistles think about

Thirty Thorns of thirteen thousands.


Three of thirteen Thistles thrill thriv(e)nings,

Three of thirteen Thistles thrive 'n thrillers*,

Three of Thirteen - throated thrillings,


Three of Thirteen - throbing throes,

Only One of Thistles has throne.


Where is the Crown?

 The USA - the Tibet Alliance countries - GEORGIA BREAK the International Olympic Games in Peking DOWN - Sense of the Olympic Games and Olympic movements?!

Давай поженимся мы! Сразу! - Let's marry! Immediately! Marry Me!

Я поцелую Вас. Потом - I'll kiss You. Later (Musicle)

Смычками салютуя свету (мастер-класс от Тасии Мейерхольд) - Saluting to Light by Bowes (Master-class of Tasiya Meierhold)

August, 8, 2008, Almaty

Tasiya Meierhold


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