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      Dear Dr. Angela Merken (!),

I write you this letter as a scientist and address it to the scientist.
I am MultiStipendiat (6) of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.
I can predict local and global natural catastrophes (flood control & prediction, hurricanes, extraradiation/explosions, tornados, etc.).
My high professional rating is high enough (my CV, publications, and recommendations of colleagues). Besides I have a highly-developed scientific intuition and a personal sensibility to environmental changes.

      Returning to Almaty I realized that here I am good for nothing because of absence of necessary background for research, favorite climatic, geographic, etc. conditions - I am unemployed scientist - I just write verses, stories, scenarios, etc. for fun, elucidate cultural news there where I live, etc. (,, - Tasiya Meierhold - my penname).
      But I could be useful for our countries and peoples much more if I would continue to develop a special branch of earth sciences - Geological Cosmology, on the base of the Zeiss Planetarium in
Jena, Eastern Germany (1. modernization of available equipment - innovational project "Weiss Telescope"; 2. the favorite geographical and climatic location of Jena). I know how to forward this branch of science as soon as possible better as anybody else.    
      As to
Jena I was several times in the University of Jena, know colleagues, peoples, traditions and habits of the land. For scientific investigations I need safety computer's net and some place to work with video materials to analyze and synthesize them, as well as maps. I am the scientist from up to down and prefer not be used by militarists of any countries. The development of telecommunication channels and a special scientific base in universities of Kazakhstan does not allow realizing any serious programs and projects. Concern of my private life at present it allows to forget about it (I am alone. My daughter, 13y.o. decided to stay with her nonbiological father in Almaty and I would like to devote my energy and intellectual potential to scientific investigations.
      At present the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation cannot support me anymore because the AvHF leadership believes its Sponsorship is limited to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in research and who contribute significantly to international cooperation and understanding. [
Die Förderung ist Personen vorbehalten, die ausserordentliche wissenschaftliche Leistungen erbracht haben und wesentlich zur internationalen Zusammenarbeit und Verständigung beitragen.] There are no any other international organizations supported such planetary programs in the world, Zeiss (=Zeus) Planetarium and scientific centers having climatic and geographic location similar to Jena.
       I sincerely hope to be understandable by you and your governmental team.
At least on 99%.

Best regards,
sincerely yours,
Elena G. Kordikova, Ph.D.



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