SAT ist FAKT ion



 What do you think about the urgent publication of Spectrum Moon and Sun Calendar?































Competition of leading organisations for the best name for an joint air company





  1. the A. v.Humboldt Foundation

 [a house in Jena, a nominal position in the University of Jena and 

 in Planetarium or V.P.Engelhard's villa in Dresden with Planetarium (Liebigstrasse 1), and any ArbeitsErlaubnis for my husband); publication of Spectrum Moon &Sun Calendar]

BundesKanzler Scholarship Programmes, WardWell Fellowships, etc.

 2. LuftHansa AG (Budget items; "Go East" Programs: 

 DBs Programs, removal of German Embassy from Almaty to the

 German Autonomic Republic, etc.)



 3. Deutsche Bahn ("Go East" Programs: "DB FahrPlan" Experience


 4.  Stuttgart Bürger Hospital (Purchase of Fitness devices - 

 "Running way", massage & bath complex, etc. for patients as well as for me; "Go East"  Medical Programs)


 5. Staatliches Museum für NaturKunde, Stuttgart 

(Dust-Absorber & Air-Ion-Purificator to every co-worker of the 

 Museum; Educational Industrial Programs "Jurassic Way": T-

 shirts, White Chocolate & Herb Tea EDU industries, placards,

 bags,  etc.  with educational  content, images of ancient animals,

 Museum logotypes, etc.)


 6. German Embassy in Almaty (start of "Go East" 

Programs, removal to German Autonomic Republic, DBs Programs, Cultural Programs, Exhibitions: Restoration of German cultural traditions, industries, etc., organization of German costumed fests; Visa documents for my family, etc.)


 7. The VIP Clients of Deutsche Bank



 8. Reise Büro Stuttgart (Translation of Russian popular           

 top comedies, children' educational and humorous  movies,  

 educational documentary films, etc. from Russian to German:

 For instance:

 1. Russian Children cartoon "Wait for a minute!" (=Nu, pogodi!),

 2. Romantic movies for teenagers "Scarlet Sails" (=Alyye parusa)" and "The Crown of the Russian Empire")


 9. Stadt Waiblingen: Amt für Sociales, Alten- und 

      Jugendförderung. Socialamt (Payment of a bill sent by

 Stuttgart Bürger Hospital to me)


 (c/o Herr Karl Falkenstein: an urgent reparation of his house 

 roof in the house (over a huge room, 1st stage) and a right light

 for his daughter's working place)

 10. Deutsche Bank

 "Go East" DBs Programs, 100% transfer of my money plus annual %


 11. Mr. Alexander V. Mavrin

Portrait of Alexander von Humboldt from black ambers (=schwarzen Bernsteine) or any other jewelry for the Art museums or jeweller's


 12. Dr. Elena G. Kordikova

      (Tais-Orphan) An urgent health restoration, high-level house in Jena (Germany), ADSL Telephony, etc.;


 scientific  work in  Jena: creation of a White Telescope,

 RAN with DAD,

 a New Chart of chemical elements,  etc.;

 popularization of

 advanced scientific, technical, medical achievements in computer

 art; innovations, exhibitions, etc.;

 Jena Council "Science and Technology: Help and  Support 

 Cultural Centre")



to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9, 10 and Number Eleven







Translation of Advice: You have to put your money together and bring them to me to Yablonovskiy Village (=Apple's Village), Russia together with my German/Czech Visa for Restoration and further work in the University of Jena and in Zeiss Planetarium.







Everyhing depends upon your ears...

 Не желаете платить? 


Tomorrow you will pay more! 



A new Catholic Model of the Universe "Miss - a big-eared wolf".



A new  Universe Model "Miss - Milky Way Galaxy"




Please compare with upper and lower models!




 The LuftHansa officers can you explain more about  geological events on our Planet...







Instead of it:



235 [771]


 ... И пришёл Христос ослепить зрячих и подарить зрение слепцам, исцелить больных и погубить здоровых, призвать к покаянию и оправдать грешников, а праведников оставить в их грехах, возместить бедным и разорить богатых...


229 [444]

... Всё, что непостижимо, тем не менее существует.


224 [816]

... Неверующие - люди самые легковерные, они верят в чудеса Веспасиана и не верят в чудеса Моисеевы...


227 [223]

...Что они могут сказать  п р о т и в  воскресения 



и рождения от Девы [=Frau]?



                                                     Bless Pascal (She)




The Pancake model

Translation: "Ukrainian Ring"

(detail N...) "with American MaulTausche"


Please compare with the upper models!





Ask the Lufthansa AG officers for a new Periodical Chart of Chemical Elements, for a new series of radioechodynamic Antennas "Sombrero", "Zlata Krona", "Killer Loop", for a white telescope, for a new dust-absorbed devices, for new models of Chizhevskiy Lamps, for new models of musical instruments, for a....








Everyhing depends upon your ears...

 Не желаете платить?  

Tomorrow you will pay much more... for your own mistakes!!!




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