Пришлите музыку! Скорее музыку!

Автор текста ( слова ) - А. Шульгин, композитор ( музыка ) - В. Гаврилин


Людмила Сенчина и Эдуард Хиль

Дождь за окнами. И ты за окнами.

Мы с ним за окнами вдвоём.


Припев: Дайте музыку, скорее музыку,

Скорее музыку, музыку, всё кувырком...

Туфли узкие, скинь туфли узкие,

Скинь туфли узкие - и босиком!

1. I am in Windows! And you're in Windows!

We both in Windows: there's rain.

I can't relax and read! I lost a me-mo-ry.

I lost the memory - I missed my train!


Refrain: Send me music, please! Fantastic music, please!

MP3 lo-a-ding, lo-a-ding, loa-ding... Yes!

Now I can dance again! And I will win all games!*

Where are my shoes? Tell me! You threw them!? Mess!


2. I'm playing chess-game-blitz, You're playing chess-game-blitz -

We did it since a crib. That's fun!

I cannot sleep, lose time. I have to win - that's I.

What should I do with mind?! I cannot dance!**


Refrain: I need the Energy! Please quickly! Energy!

I need the Energy, Energy, Energy need!

To catch a music wave - it should be Windy rain

The rain from Windows to find your rhythm!


3. You send me superclip! I watch your superrhythm

I find my own rhythm. That's great!

MP3 Music Disk! You sent me your surprise [i]

Where we both run again. Because it's rain.


Refrain: I don't need Energy! You feed me Energy!

You send me Energy, Energy, Energy. Yes!

Now we can dance again! And we will win all games!

Where's Troyan horse? Tell me! I didn't get!? Mess!







*Now I can dance 'caprice'! I can it dance till/bis

**I have to run!


June, 11-13, 2007, Almaty

Translation & interpretation by Tasiya Meierhold


Hosted by uCoz