What's happen? I do do not know

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Что происходит? Я не знаю.
Сомнения во цвете дня.
И грусть огромная, без края.
Что поедом всё ест меня.

Я в беспокойствах и тревоге.
Письмо и вызов мой дошли?
Я жду и разминаю ноги.
Приедет. Жизнь изменит ритм.


What's happen? I do do not know.

All doubts look like colors 'f day.

And grief's so huge, without roses,

It поедом all eat me.

I in anxieties and alarm.

The letter and my call have reached?

I wait and I knead legs (foots).

Will arrive. The life will change a rhythm

I come in and come out free:
E-Rosetting cell - Who save Me?

Rosetting cell - 5th element
That what I have.
You have to have.
It's ancient Caesar Rosett cell
I feel: You have to have it, and.

E-rosetting blood cells  = 5th blood Emperor's element. Donorship?


CC: Alexandrina Josefovna Rossett

The blood renovation and child's birth.
I dyed in 1993, March, 18, and did it after the daughter birth several month later. Reason?
My 5th element - E-rosetting blood cells.

the UdSSR Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (ВИНИТИ, г.Москва, ст.м."Сокол")
Kordikova, Translator. Section Biology, Zoology. 1986-1999
Editor: L.S. Lebedeva-Bannikova

Reed books, scientific papers, etc.

The Red Book

Меня кто б понял? Может, Дарвин?

Чтоб сам Он карму мне поправил?

Да! Сделай, дядюшка! Готова.

Всё чищу-чищу мысль без крова...


26 марта 2009г., г. Алматы

Tasiya Meierhold

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