Effendi and Desdemona, or Price of a slap

Сценарий фильма


Я проиграю фильм заранье*,

Чтоб упредить дальнейший путь

И сократить нам расстоянья

И всё, что захлестнуло суть.


*=I try to foresee ( think about, predict, play all roles earlier it can happen) everything.

Die schöne Helena

Avunculus 2


Опера "София Милославская"

Композитор - Хосе продвинутый

СС: 24 hours - One

24 hours - Two


Alice in WonderLand

Ferdinand Freiligrath



January, 27, 2008, Almaty

Tasiya Meierhold


Либретто автобиографично. Частично?

Когда весна придёт? Не знаю.

Brief content

On 10 September 1889 Albert I ascended to the throne of Monaco on the death of his father and that same year he married the dowager duchess de Richelieu, née Marie Alice Heine (1858-1925). An American, the daughter of a New Orleans, Louisiana building contractor of German Jewish descent, Alice Heine had married the duc de Richelieu but had been widowed by age 21, with a young son, Armand.

Her relationship and marriage to Prince Albert proved an equal blessing for him and the tiny principality of Monaco. To the marriage, she brought a strong business acumen, showing an understanding far beyond her years. Having helped put her husband's principality on a sound financial footing, she would devote her energies to making Monaco one of Europe's great cultural centers with its Opera, theater, and the ballet under the direction of the famed Russian impresario, Serge Diaghilev.

Despite the initial success of Prince Albert and Princess Alice, in 1902 this marriage too ended, due to the princess's affair with the composer Isidore de Lara, a liaison that resulted in the princess publicly being slapped in the face by her husband during an evening at the opera. The couple separated but never divorced.


but Monaco lost Nice and its surroundings

How to return Nice and its surroundings to the principality of Monaco for 4 millions Franks

Страховку пилит Оболенский?


Мне б посидеть да подождать -

Should I just sit and wait for You?

Actual verses 23


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